The Idea For Green Proposals

The Idea For Green ProposalsPeople frequently ask how me how I came up with the idea for Green Proposals. I know exactly where I was when the first inkling of the idea started to come together—I was in Arizona, in a conference room.

At the time I worked for an insurance broker and I prepared, submitted and managed proposals for Government Agency projects.

I travelled the country, attending hundreds of mandatory pre-proposal meetings to show interest in an opportunity and to gain as much knowledge as possible to submit a successful proposal.

I had flown to Arizona to attend a pre-proposal meeting for a local municipality. I flew from Los Angeles the night before, rented a car, stayed in a hotel and drove to the early morning meeting after a quick breakfast. I arrived at the meeting location and reviewed my notes in the car while other vendors like me also pulled into the parking lot. Some drove distances from other locations in Arizona, but many others like myself, had flown from out-of-state.

We all walked into the meeting, found a seat and after small talk with each other, settled in for the meeting to start.

It lasted 10 minutes. As the other contractors and I packed up, we grumbled about the effort and cost just spent on a 10-minute meeting. I began to wonder if pre-proposal meetings could be managed differently.

Driving to the airport I recalled that this wasn’t the first “10-minute meeting” I jumped on a plane to attend. It also occurred to me that even the local or in-state meetings I went to involved significant time on my part—the driving and traffic kept me out of the office for hours. The costs to my company, in time and money, were significant. And, the inefficiencies were true for the Government Agencies as well. They had the hassle of coordinating the meetings, bringing in proctors if the meeting was mandatory, arranging meeting facilities, sending out notices and follow up communication with all the contractors. By the time I buckled into my seat on the plane, I knew I could create a pre-proposal meeting solution to bring time and cost savings to both Government Agencies and contractors. The idea for Green Proposals was born.