Why contractors value the Green Proposals solution.

Today, travel involves more planning, time, inconvenience, expense and some might say risk – than ever before. Add these factors to a less than robust economy and it’s clear that secure, efficient, and cost-effective business collaboration services are becoming more important than ever.

Your contractors work hard to manage, operate and grow their businesses. Conducting online pre-proposal conferences with Green Proposals says your agency understands what it takes to run a business today. Demonstrating your commitment to efficient and productive business practices also says you expect the same from your suppliers.

For the $79 pre-bid meeting connection fee paid by the vendor, they realize the time and cost benefits of the Green Proposals solution.  The vendors also recieve something more—confidence in the quality and fairness of your agency’s pre-proposal process. That’s something even the “contractor around the corner” can appreciate.

  • Each contractor participant receives a copy of the webinar, sign-in sheet and all presentation materials
  • Copying all participants on all webinar materials, including a replay of the meeting, promotes transparency and fairness in the bid process
  • Online pre-proposal meetings value vendor time and appreciate budget efficiencies by eliminating driving or flying travel time and cost, for both local or geographically dispersed contractors
  • Contractor participants can attend pre-proposal webinar without being in the same location, improving internal communication and quality of bid
  • Webinar replay can be reviewed more than once—very helpful for technical or complex topics
  • Less disruption to contractor if pre-proposal meeting is rescheduled
  • Option available to lock the meeting doors” at a pre-determined time to discourage late arrival and promote fairness for all.