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See how conducting pre-proposal meetings with our online webinar service brings time and cost savings to your Government agency.

Yes, the Green Proposals solution efficiently streamlines the RFP pre-proposal process, combining the personalization of face-to-face meetings with the convenience and cost savings of interactive, online conferences.

However, our service also improves the quality of the bids you receive and expands your negotiating power. The time and cost savings go far beyond workflow efficiencies, translating into bottom line dollars and cents for your agency and smart time management benefits for you.

  • Free up time by eliminating coordination and management of in person meeting
  • Meeting room and special equipment not required
  • Mandatory meetings no longer require a proctor
  • Eliminate note-taking: online chat feature records and saves participant questions
  • All documents and recording of the webinar sent to participants
  • Online registration collects all required contractor information in customized form
  • No travel: Eliminate airfare, car rental, hotel and meal costs
  • No paper: Eliminate printing, copying, mailing costs
  • Cut Down follow up phone calls and emails because you convey consistent, detailed information
  •  Reduce number of protests and postponements in RFP process
  • Agency participants from different geographies can co-host meeting without leaving their offices
  • Meetings more efficient when hosted electronically
  • Increased vendor participation brings competitive bidding and agency negotiating power
  • Starting the RFP process with a pre-proposal meeting improves communication to suppliers improving bid quality
  • Eliminates concern about weather/traffic/vendor’s time away from workplace impacting attendance and bidder pool
  • Very accommodating if pre-proposal meeting needs to be rescheduled

We work hard for the Public Sector!

See more of exactly what we do:

We help make your job easier and improve the quality of your overall RFP process, all while leaving your existing resources and budget intact. There is no cost to your Government agency procurement department. And, Green Proposals’ fully managed pre-bid meeting webinar service complements all e-procurement solutions.

For you, we:

  • Manage all behind the scenes details for Government agency-customized virtual pre-bid meeting
  • Provide Government agency with webinar Getting Started Guide
  • Create custom link to embed directly into RFP document
  • Vendor registration and meeting details accessed through customized online registration page via link in RFP document
  • Increase vendor pool by soliciting interested contractors via Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook
  • Manage online invitations to pre-proposal meeting
  • Send meeting reminder notices to vendors
  • Upload Powerpoint presentation for webinar
  • Provide operator assistance during webinar
  • Offer online chat feature so participants can ask real-time questions
  • Create customized electronic registration sign-in sheet to collect required vendor details
  • Provide audio/video replay of meeting to each participant
  • Provide copy of agency-approved electronic sign-in sheet to each participant
  • Generate copy of chat questions so agency can “cut and paste” to easily create addendum document
  • Handle all details of meeting reschedule if necessary for any reason