“We’ve found Green Proposals’ pre-bid meetings via webinar to be a vast improvement over the “old school” method.  We are able to get project information out more efficiently, while making vendor participation easier than ever.  We have seen a time savings of at least 50% over face to face meetings.  The audio-video replay and electronic sign-in sheet that’s shared with everyone decreases follow up phone calls and emails and reduces the likelihood of protests.  The best part is that there is absolutely no cost to the City.”

Hildred Pepper

Director, Procurement and Contracting

City of San Diego


“The Purchasing Buyer, Procurement Manager, User Department and the Purchasing Systems Technician really enjoyed this experience. Approximately 80% of our the vendors who participated in Green Proposal’s virtual pre-proposal conference were from outside of the local area. The City’s goal was to obtain increased interest and competition among the vending community and this experience far exceeded our expectations. We are already considering future projects to run through Green Proposals.”

Gregory Spearman, CPPO, FCCM

Director of Purchasing

City of Tampa


“Over the last 20 years I personally attended countless pre-bid conferences, as well as responded to numerous Requests for Proposals. Recently, I had the fortunate opportunity to participate in a pre-bid webinar through Green Proposals. Green Proposals’ service is a blessing—especially to those of us with responsibilities to attend as well as respond to RFPs. Green Proposals’ service greatly eliminates a painful and stressful process. Green Proposals’ pre-bid webinar eliminates all travel costs associated with on-site pre-bid conferences. I highly recommend Green Proposals’ services—you will not be disappointed.”                     

Charlotte Stephan


ACME Administrators, Inc


Quotes From Government Agencies

“Green Proposals was vital to having a successful pre-bid meeting. The secure, online format enabled more bidders to attend because of eliminated travel costs. We discussed our RFP, answered questions, and issued further instructions in a very cost efficient manner that resulted in receiving a high percentage of qualified bids. I would not hesitate to use the Green Proposals’ online pre-bid webinar service again, especially due to today’s shrinking public agency budget landscape.”

—Dave Morris

Risk Manager



“I thought the webinar was extremely efficient/effective, and we were pleasantly surprised to see the number of participants on the site!  Thanks for facilitating and allowing us this option…very green indeed!”

-Tricy Dienst, CTP

Assistant Investment Officer

Office of the City Treasurer

City of San Diego


“Green Proposals was just what San Francisco Unified School District needed to assist us in not only helping the environment and saving money, but also managing the RFP pre-bid process.  Green Proposals conducted the pre-bid conference via a webinar and their service was invaluable since it was so organized as well as being economical for all concerned.  We had to postpone our meeting 3 days due to illness but it didn’t have any significant impact on anyone since there was no travel involved.  I think this is the way all RFP pre-bid meetings should be done in the future.”

Cathy Aguilar,

Claims Manager

San Francisco Unified School District


From Contractors

“We appreciate Green Proposals’ efforts to support state and local government agencies to move towards an effective and time saving bid process. As a contractor, we thought your RFP pre-proposal webinar for The City of San Diego RFP was a very encouraging and flawless experience. Keep it up!

—Nehal Brahmbhatt

Business Development Manager

CMC Americas, Inc.


“We truly appreciate the user-friendly Green Proposal pre-bid meeting procedure and the huge savings we experienced.  We support Government Agencies using efficient and effective virtual meetings during the RFP process.  Keep up the goo work!!!!!  Many Thanks.” 

—Mike Berndt, VP Claims

George Hills Company


“Great job Green Proposals. Had it not been for the Green Proposals innovative service we could not have participated in the mandatory pre-bid meeting. We were committed to another engagement on the same day but with your pre-bid meeting via webinar we were able to attend two meetings on the same day in different states. Thanks for your commitment. We need more pre-bid meetings via webinar!!”

Helen Vouniozos AVP

National Account Executive

Crawford & Company



Bravo!!  Using Green Proposals was a great experience.  Brilliant idea to encourage contractor participation!  Appreciate the ability to ask questions during the meeting using chat feature. No one had to take notes.  Found the meeting replay helpful.  Proposal writing team was able to attend the pre-bid meeting without leaving the office.  I hope more of our Public Agency prospects will decide to hold their pre-bids online using Green Proposals. We’re spoiled now” 

—Jean Baulis,

Vice President, Sales and Marketing
York Insurance Services


“The process was easy to do and did save all of us a lot of driving. Thank you.”

—Tommy Ouzoonian,

Sales and Marketing Department

Athens Services