RFP for Solid Waste Diversion/Recycl Support Serv

City of Concord Bids and Quotes  The City of Concord, CA has issued an RFP for Solid Waste Diversion / Recycling Support Services.  Services will include the preparation of the City’s Annual Recycling Report and conducting related basic services to support the monitoring and reporting of Commercial and Multi-family recycling within the City.  For information about the pre-bid meeting scheduled for Friday February 14, 2014 at 11 AM PST http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=syzmd8hab&oeidk=a07e8vjjwm7a74dc6e7

MWD offers virtual pre-bid meetings

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MWD offers virtual pre-bid meetings on select RFPs
In an effort to maintain Metropolitan’s commitment to sustainability, MWD is
offering a “green” alternative to attending pre-bid conferences in
person. Selected pre-bid and pre-proposal conferences are now available in
webinar format.  Each solicitation will indicate whether the webinar
format is available and provide the procedure and deadline for signing

E-procurement for the water industry


H2bid is an international e-procurement exchange for the water utility industry. They connect water utilities and vendors around the world. Their cloud-based services are used to maximize procurement efficiency, reduce operating and infrastructure costs, and enhance local economic development. H2bid has become the leading source for vendors seeking water utility contract opportunities. 


Tampa Implements Green Proposals

City of Tampa 2013-2014 Operating and Capital Budget Implements Green Proposals

City of Tampa 2013-2014 Operating Capital Budget includes “Implementing the use of new technology known as “Green Proposals” which allows vendors to participate in pre-bid/pre-proposal conferences on a virtual basis.”

Why Is Technology Essential?

Why Innovative Technology is Essential
to Government Procurement

By definition, management requires you to evaluate and implement changes in procurement departments’ strategies, procedures and technologies to increase your chances of achievement. However, many government agencies fail to implement changes in terms of technology. This includes deciding to hold pre-bid meetings via webinar to increase efficiency and effectiveness in communication with your contractors.

You may ask yourself why managers would ignore this technological advance if it is helpful to their department. There are four intrinsic misconceptions that feed into this hesitation to implement pre-bid meetings via webinar and other aspects of technology.

  • Pre-bid meetings via webinar aren’t easy to use
  • Failure to understand how the technology works
  • Implementation of this technology is too costly or time consuming
  • Users won’t be open to making the necessary changes

Technology changes so quickly that what you used to conduct business just a few years ago is no longer effective. However, it is important for government agencies to realize technology isn’t the enemy. Because many employees and contractors already use technology in their daily lives, they are often more receptive to these changes than managers think. Therefore, it is easy to implement pre-bid meetings via webinar into your department.

In its early stages, on occasion, government agencies were using web conferencing to save time and money meeting with people internally. Today, there are even more benefits to this method of communication that include contractors, especially when you consider all the useful tools available like pre-bid meetings via webinar. Understanding these benefits and the change they can create will show you how important these tools can be.

  1. Pre-bid meetings via webinar are more cost efficient and effective than traditional meetings. Using Green Proposals, the only provider of pre-bid meetings via webinar, is cheaper than holding face-to-face meetings, especially when you need to reach out to people who aren’t in the same city. It is extremely easy for anyone to use our pre-bid meetings via webinar. Because we have operator assistance during every meeting there is no need for concern regarding telephonic or web connection for you or participating contractors.


  1. Create a transparent, professional environment with an online pre-bid meeting. Holding a pre-bid meeting via webinar through Green Proposals is ground-breaking and is well received by all.  Since each participant receives an audio/video replay of the meeting they always feel the information is presented in an easy to use format, allowing everyone to learn and understand even better. When your contractors are more informed, your pre-bid meeting will be more successful eliminating unnecessary follow-up phone calls, emails and even reducing the likelihood of protests.


  1. Lastly, a online pre-bid meeting allows users to integrate new services with familiar technology. When you hold a pre-bid meeting using Green Proposals, you will be able to use interactive features and even social networking to reach out to interested contractors and evaluate their level of reception to the new technology.

Once you understand how the implementation of innovative technology changes can benefit your Government Agency, you will see why you need to use Green Proposals so you can start changing your department. While it will always be a challenge to stay on top of the latest technology, pre-bid meetings via webinar are well worth the effort to make your department more functional and effective.

Savings with On-Line Pre-Bids

Savings Through Online Pre-Bid Meetings

An Update From Shelley Since Founding Green Proposals

RFP Pre Proposal Savings With WebinarsSince I first considered the idea to create Green Proposals, the value of rethinking how we conduct business continues to motivate me to do the very best for our clients. Also, early in my research I knew our service would be kind to the environment.

Time and cost savings for Government agencies and contractors remain our top priority.  According to the Global Business Travel Association, “The average amount spent on a business trip in 2011 was $564.”  With Green Proposals, a contractor attends a pre-proposal meeting for a nominal fee and there is always no cost to the Government Agency.

Our streamlined, internet-based service brings dramatic value to the RFP pre-proposal meeting while helping our clients and their contractors work smarter. For example, The City of San Diego used our service to “do more with less.” They gained local and national exposure for their RFP solicitations, which increased vendor participation and bid competition. Our service saved time and money for all participants while contributing to the City’s transparency and sustainability initiatives.

Reducing the carbon footprint of any business process is a worthy endeavor, and certainly our plan to take pre-proposal meetings “off-the-road” and online met this goal. We found that Government Agencies were beginning to institute sustainability initiatives, and today, we are thrilled to see that all public agencies have such a charter.

We continue our commitment to providing time and cost savings to Government procurement departments and contractors, and we look forward to the opportunity to work together.

Webinar Test Drive

Webinar Test Drive

Try A Green Proposals Webinar Test Drive - FREE For Public Agencies!Contact us for a webinar demo to see for yourself how simple and useful it is! NO COST to public agencies!

This represents amazing efficiencies, lower environmental impact and savings in travel and communications costs.

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